Start Your Day at IFT 2014 With a Complimentary Cup Of Fortified Coffee

Antioxidant coffee, kids’ nutrition bars, marshmallows for beauty from within, and a healthy-aging powdered beverage will be featured during International Food Technologist’s Summit in New Orleans. KEEP READING >>

Chocolate for Relaxation

Our chocolate sample at Vitafoods was so popular that it caught the attention of Confectionery News. KEEP READING >>

DSM to Launch Latest Product Innovations at Vitafoods 2014

DSM’s latest innovations include elaVida, an olive-based natural antioxidant and life’sOmega60, a high potency DHA/EPA oil. KEEP READING >>

Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging

New technical paper takes a look at how nutrition can help stave off health conditions commonly found in seniors. KEEP READING >>

DSM Inaugurates New Fortitech Premixes Plant in Vadodara, India

The plant will be one-stop source for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for fortification as a way to differentiate their products from their competition. KEEP READING >>

What is DHEA?

DHEA is the most abundant hormone synthesized and excreted by the adrenal glands and is the precursor for the synthesis of over 50 other hormones in the body. KEEP READING >>

Beverages Keep Up With Health Aging Trends

Fortitech Premixes Innovations Premix Manager Dr. Russ Hazen is among those quoted in a recent article on cognitive function from Beverage Industry. KEEP READING >>

Galacto-oligosaccharides Increase Calcium Absorption in Young Girls

Adolescence is a time associated with rapid growth of both muscle and bone. The accrual of bone mass during adolescence is important to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. KEEP READING >>

Micronutrient-fortified Beverage Improves Iron Status Among Indian Schoolchildren

Micronutrient–poor diets are responsible for a significant decline in cognitive and physiological performance, and can delay proper growth and development. Fortification presents an opportunity to improve micronutrient status and child health. KEEP READING >>

Snack and Bar Formulation

According to Fortitech Premixes Raw Materials and Innovations Specialist Dr. Russ Hazen, there is a great deal of opportunity in the snack and bar category. KEEP READING >>

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