Managing Holiday Weight Gain with In-Demand Nutrients

Consumers know the steps that need to be taken to meet their weight management goals, but they often lack the right kind of products that align with those goals. By providing options for different kinds of applications that support their weight loss journeys, there is opportunity to connect with consumers during the six-week holiday window and, ideally, on a year-round basis. KEEP READING >>

The Night Shift: Formulating Food and Beverages for Evening Hours

In an age when technological connectivity is at an all-time high, “clocking out” after work has become less of a reality. The need to constantly check-in after hours often leads to feelings of stress and restlessness, both of which are tied to poor sleep. In efforts to ease stress caused by the workplace, consumers are turning stress-reducing fortified foods and beverages during the evening hours. KEEP READING >>

Snacking Smarter: Better for You Snacks for Health-Conscious Consumers

Better for You (BFY) snacks, nutritious snack products that are void of the controversial ingredients found in many snack foods on the market, have become a go-to option for Millennials, despite fierce competition in snacking. Research shows potential for growth in the market with ample opportunity for manufacturers. KEEP READING >>

Higher Dietary Magnesium Intake Lowers Fracture Risk

Cross-sectional studies have shown a significant association between higher magnesium intake and bone mineral density. Magnesium may also have a beneficial effect on inflammation and oxidative stress, two important risk factors for osteoporosis. KEEP READING >>

Nutrient-Rich Grain Foods Lacking in American Diets

Whether due to increased awareness of gluten’s role in celiac disease or its popularized associations with other health concerns, the gluten free diet has emerged as a significant dietary trend in America and, increasingly, across the globe. However, the tradeoff for restriction of grain foods is the loss of an important vehicle for delivery of key nutrients, as is described in new research published in Nutrients. KEEP READING >>

Fortified Watermelon Juice Improves Exercise Performance and Fatigue

Athletes often use various ergogenic aids to address fatigue and enhance exercise performance. Natural juices without added sugar and containing bioactive compounds are of interest to the juice industry as possible ergogenic aids. KEEP READING >>

Top Natural Flavors to Enhance Functional Beverages

From rose-flavored teas and chocolate-flavored coffees to blueberry-flavored protein drinks, the demand for flavor-rich products is growing as consumers increasingly select foods and beverages with natural flavors and product formulations for health benefits. KEEP READING >>

Good Mood Foods: Alleviating Stress with Micronutrients

It’s no coincidence that food is intrinsically connected with making people feel better – it’s nutritional psychiatry and the “mood food” market is growing. From chewing gum to hot chocolate, applications and product innovations are available for delivering nutritional ammunition against stress. Consumers are on-board for mood-altering food options that boost energy, counteract stress, reduce relaxation and aid in sleep. KEEP READING >>

Good Nutrition May Help Lessen The Effects of Air-Related Illness.

Research has found that a healthy diet may help support normal respiratory and cardiovascular function. KEEP READING >>

Nutricosmetics: Fortified Ingestibles for Healthy, Glowing Skin

With the concept of healthy aging a top priority, fortified foods, beverages and supplements designed to keep skin looking and feeling its best will continue to grow in demand and market size. Consumers are increasingly adopting skingestibles for their beautification routine, presenting significant opportunities for manufacturers in the health and beauty industry. KEEP READING >>

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