Why Choose Fortitech Premixes Over Single Ingredients?

For food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for an edge, Fortitech Premixes are a practical and valuable solution. Premixes offer customized blends of desired functional ingredients – made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides, nutraceuticals and botanicals – in one single, efficient and homogenous product.

But what are the benefits to using custom nutrient premixes versus single ingredients? As the world leader in custom nutrient premixes for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, Fortitech Premixes, DSM’s premier custom nutrient premix service delivers an extensive array of ingredients and options, as well as the commitment to quality, efficiency, cost and innovation.

For manufacturers and formulators looking to address a specific consumer health concern, premixes are a naturalchoice. Fortitech Premixes is exclusively dedicated to developing custom nutrient premixes and our results speak volumes. We’ve developed more than 100,000 different formulations targeting precise consumer needs. Every custom nutrient premix is created with the expertise needed to ensure that premixes and final products have the proper taste, efficacy and mouthfeel.

When it comes to the dosing and bioavailablity of nutrients, Fortitech is a proven expert.  Years of skilled use of market forms and testing on every raw material and premix assures proper dosing, efficacy and batch-to-batch consistency for each customized blend. We offer quality and science-backed ingredients with superior traceability and reliability – all which streamline manufacturing and reduce inventory costs. This means that manufacturers do not need to sacrifice quality, efficiency or cost.

Finally, choosing Fortitech Premixes means selecting a quick manufacturer-to-market option with ability to source over 1,400 ingredients. With three specialized Nutrition Innovation Centers and 15 manufacturing facilities on five continents, Fortitech Premixes can accelerate development and testing of all product types – even including market ready.  Our worldwide distribution ensures that custom premixes are ready and able to be delivered in any market form – from liquids to powders – in any quantity, anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to see what Fortitech Premixes by DSM can do for you? Get started by requesting a sample here, or learn more about the critical advantages of Fortitech Premixes for your products.