Explore New Opportunities in Heart Health with Custom Nutrient Premixes – Part II

Key Takeaway: Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of mortality, but nutrition can play a vital role in supporting heart health. Research shows that consumers are interested products and natural supplements that promote heart health and help to manage cardiovascular health. Manufacturers may find value in using custom nutrient premixes for segments interested in the management of heart health.

More and more consumers are shopping for products to keep their hearts healthy and manage their cardiovascular health. In Part II of our series on heart health, titled Strategic Nutrition for Heart Health, we showcase which nutrients can help to differentiate your products and highlight how custom nutrient premixes can get you to market faster.

In this paper, we explore a broad range of nutrients that can be used to target heart health, as well as premix prototypes that address heart health for a variety of product applications.

Dietary ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, dietary fiber, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, botanicals and amino acids are all supported by scientific evidence showing beneficial effects on the structure and function of the heart and blood vessels. Each of these ingredients work in different ways: some have FDA-approved health claims related to cholesterol (a biomarker of heart disease), some help maintain healthy blood vessel functions, and others work to support a healthy immune system.

As adequate nutrition is critical for maintaining optimal body function, including heart health, consumers seem to care “whole heartedly” for products and nutritional supplements that support heart health. Learn how to drive demand and formulate to meet these needs using custom nutrient premixes.

Fortitech Premixes’ tech paper Strategic Nutrition for Heart Health – Part II offers additional, valuable consumer insights and tips on key nutrient combinations for manufacturers. Download the tech paper, or use our Solution Starter to tell us about the products you are interested in developing.