Get Certified Quality In Every Premix

At every phase of purchasing, production and distribution, quality and food safety are critical. Factor in the complexity of a global marketplace, where ingredients can come from thousands of sources…and all it takes is one weak link to put your business at serious risk. Eliminate this uncertainty with Fortitech® Premixes by DSM.

We Source over 1,400 ingredients and track them all – So You Don’t Have To

  • All of our nutrient suppliers adhere to our stringent global vendor qualification standards
  • We utilize proven tracking and traceability protocols for every raw material used in our premixes

Quality guaranteed – so that your consumers get the full nutritional benefits

  • Multiple lots are sampled, tested and verified for stability, homogeneity and potency – all part of our comprehensive Certificate of Analysis
  • Premixes are optimized to withstand product processing conditions, and achieve shelf-life requirements and performance specifications
  • Ability to examine premixes for particle size, impurities (i.e., heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.), microbiological issues and other critical quality factors

We deliver the highest quality standards in the industry

You can sleep easy knowing our custom premixes are backed by the Quality for Life seal. Because every ingredient is tested, and true. Every single time.